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Suede Pouches

Suede is a very natural and soft material. It makes excellent pouches/purses. Unfortunately, the suede color changes once it gets we so it’s best to use this beautiful material in dry weather. They come in different shades and if you notice, brushing them up or down changes the color of the suede.
Suede has been used for pouches and purses for many years. I have seen some with fringe which date back to the 1980’s. The suede fringe purse was very popular back then. I even kept one that I used in the mid 1980’s and my mother now uses it and gets many compliments from all her friends asking where she got the purse and if they are available around our area. You can find suede purses in a lot of consignment shops and in specialty stores. Even high end designers use suede on their leather designer purses. The combinations are gorgeous.
Many European countries use suede pouches to hold their money and traveler checks for when they travel. They are on a chord and worn around the neck, mostly underneath the shirt as to hide them. The suede is soft against the skin and flat enough where it will lay nicely.
Now, for the gentlemen, they also make suede pouches to be used with tool belts. These are extremely sturdy and hold all the necessities that an electrician, plumber or carpenter will need at their fingertips. They are different than a pouch or purse as these are made of thicker suede material to withstand the heavy tools kept inside them. Suede pouches are also used as small money purses which can fit in a pant pocket. They have a drawstring top and are very manageable to keep.
A lot of jewelers use suede pouches to keep jewelry in, especially pearls because of the soft material of suede which won’t scratch the texture of the pearls. I use small suede pouches for many of my jewelry pieces and also when giving a piece of jewelry as a gift. It’s a refreshing way to store your pieces instead of bulky boxes.




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