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classic velvet drawstring pouches


As the far as fashion is concerned, all ladies take into much consideration what they wear and what they carry in their hands.Amazon gives you a wide variety of amazing jewelry bags.A pack of six velvet classic pouches that comes with braided drawstrings making it very easy and comfortable to carry anywhere.They are ideal for pocket watches, bracelets, chains or any other jewelry staff. Great option whenever you are traveling or going on a fancy trip. These bags are very easy to use and elegant at the as well. Each of the pouch measures 4inch by 5 inches (101 x 127 millimeters) on the average.They come with a model number BX1204.

Besides carrying the pouches along when traveling, they can also be used in presenting small gifts in functions.This makes the gifts more presentable.The bags can even be used to store small computer peripherals and mobile phone accessories like chargers,earphones and many more.

If style is a what you are looking for, then this is your platform.The fact that they come in a pack of six makes it very convenient to use a different pouch on different occasions.They are very pocket-friendly, and so anybody can easily afford a pack or two.Regarding environmental factors, no negative outcome is reported by the users of these pouches. Due to this, they are Eco-friendly.

therefore, the advantages of these pouches, in summary, includes the following

-easy to carry everywhere.
-stylish physical features.
-multiple uses.
-very durable.
-different colors to suit various occasions.
-easy to use.


Despite the fact that the pouches have a rating of 4.1, a few disadvantages have been pointed out.
First, the pouches are very feminine and can not work very well with men.
Secondly, some consumers complain about the size claiming that they are smaller than normal.


Every lady looking forward to being presentable should not hesitate to get a pack.Do not wait and buy but instead buy and wait.Make every event and occasion with this elegant bags.

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